Covid-19 Safety Protocol

The best way to prevent future pandemics like coronavirus? Stop eating meat and go vegan .Start with your holiday.

These measures will be constantly adapted to the Covid-19 situation and legislation

In order to protect yourself as well as others:

  • Wash/disinfect your hands regularly
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve 
  • Use single-use tissue and throw them away
  • Do not shake hands or embrace one another
  • Social distancing: stay min. 1m away from other persons

We have cleaned our camp thoroughly before opening

  • We reorganized our areas, furniture and decoration to enable social distancing
  • All surfaces and textiles have been cleaned and disinfected
  • Plexiglass was installed at the reception and the buffet to avoid any close contact

Tents and Mobile-Homes

  • All our accommodation are no longer to be shared with the exception of families and friends or travel groups
  • All our laundry is washed at min. 60°C
  • A maximum time lapse between the reservations to enable aeration
  • All tent or Mobile-Home areas will have their own chill areas to allow social distancing
  • For the tent accommodation we have to apply an extra charge of 15€/ adult and 5€/ Kid (Babies for free) for the establishment of the safety measures
  •  For the Mobile-Home option the cleaning charges of 50€ becomes mandatory (No more self cleaning allowed)


  • We increased the cleaning frequency and are using special disinfection products
  • All common areas are cleaned several times a day
  • All our laundry is washed at min. 60°C

We have schooled our team to the new safety measures, the new standards are: 

  • The wear of masks in all closed rooms / tents 
  • The wear of gloves while handling food 
  • Keeping a distance of 1m between every team member while working 
  • Avoiding close contact 
  • When symptoms of Corona appear, the strict covid-19 protocol has to be followed

We provide Safety equipment for our team and guests

  • Masks and gloves for our team as many as needed
  • In every area, entrance or exit there will be disinfection product gloves and bins for disposal 
  • Signalisation for spacing and direction of circulation will be marked on the floor, walls or outside when needed.

Stay with us in an safe environment 

  • We will have the same campground but limit the capacity to 50 % in order to respect social distancing rules and to give every guest enough space to enjoy their holiday. 
  • Stay From Sat to sat / 7 nights 7 days
  • Check In from 16:00
  • Check out before 10:00
  •  Covid 19 rules sheet will be sent to all guests before their arrival and be in every accommodation
  • No visitors allowed in the camp and on the campsite

Activities will be adapted to the new rules

  • Our weekly activities will be adapted to the current situation.
  • Movie night, bring your own chair and sit 2m apart 
  • Bike tour 
  • Hiking 
  • Conferences
  • And many more… 🙂

We will serve your food 

  • Breakfast 9-10:30 am
  • Dinner 7-8:30 pm 
  • The food will be given out by our team members, they will no longer be a self serve buffet. 
  • The food will be behind plexiglass so you can choose your favourites without taking any risks. The team is wearing  masks and gloves while serving you food.
  • When entering the food area masks are mandatory and you need to clean your hands with our disinfectant gel.
  • There will be an entrance and an exit and all people will have to stand 1m away from each other. 
  • The eating tables will be separated by 1m and not more than 8 people are allowed at the same table. The term Social Group is applied in this case. (people that voluntarily accepted to share the same table)


  • Smaller groups more relaxation and better individual teaching 
  • Outdoor Yoga in the woods or in the open Yoga tent 
  • 4m2 for every person 
  • Personal Yoga equipment for the week 
  •  Disinfection of the whole material after the week and lessons

Surf lessons

  • Max 8 people in a group
  • 2 m separation between every student in and outside the water 
  • All activities in the water and staying active
  • No Gathering at the beach 
  • No sharing equipment 
  • The planning will be announced in advanced 
  • All participants will meet at the beach and have to respect social distancing rules at any time 
  • Disinfection of the whole material after the week

COVID-19 Case emergency management

  • Fixed protocol for dealing with suspected cases
  • Designated Camping space to isolate suspicious cases
  • Traceable potential infection chains through fixed groups
  • Nomination of a Covid 19 referent from VEGAN SURF CAMP