Organic food

The best organic products, extraordinary flavors and a relaxing atmosphere: those Combining sustainability and well-being is important to us and that’s why, at the camp, we use only organic, seasonal, vegan food that is locally sourced. Consuming a locally sourced, vegan diet is not only kinder to your body but also to the planet and to animals. It’s a way of minimizing your impact on the environment, nourishing your body, and reducing animal suffering. Not to mention the food tastes even better knowing that it’s coming directly from harvest to table.

All our food at the surf camp is prepared daily by our passionate and experienced kitchen team and we’re big enthusiasts on consuming a colourful diet. Our menu is crafted mindfully with the intention of providing high quality vegan meals abundant in flavour and variety. Not only do you get to enjoy a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables, but a rainbow diet is a diverse source of antioxidants and minerals.

At the camp, you begin your day with a buffet of fruits, warm dishes such as porridge and miso soup and a range of salty and sweet spreads to enjoy with freshly baked bread sourced from a local baker. For dinner, we prepare a buffet with a variety of mouth-watering dishes. You can choose to try a bit of everything with a colourful, vibrant plate or opt to fill up on the main dish- whatever you fancy! You can always come back for seconds or thirds too if you can’t decide on the first go.

Drinking Water

To guarantee a great water quality, we invested in an water filter, available for everybody. So don’t forget your gourd! This investment is also very important for us, because thanks to it we can minimize the use of plastic water bottles and reduce our impact on the environment.

Also in the kitchen we mainly use filtered water.


Our creative kitchen team can always provide options for any allergies or intolerantes you may have. Please inform us at the same time as you do your booking, about your special request, to be sure to get a conform option.