We respect and love our nature and want to reduce our carbon footprint, this is why we do our best to make the Vegan Surf Camp as Green as we can!


The Vegan Surf Camp is an event that is organized by the french non profit Association L’Amour de la Terre.

The association’s aim is to spread an ecological know-how and to share information about a healthy vegan and organic diet, natural agriculture and living in harmony with the Earth. In order to prove that we can improve our quality of living thanks to natural products and ecological thinking combined with activities such as Surf and Yoga.

We want to develop a cooperative spirit with our partners and association members. Our goal is to make organic and local products accessible for everyone.


We regularly host conferences and workshops by associations and individuals working in the ecological, social and environmental scene. It’s a great way to learn how as individuals, we can create positive change in the world and live in a sustainable and eco-conscious way. Partnering with associations such as ‘Surfrider Foundation Europe’ and ‘L’Association Végétarienne de France’ creates a collective energy that encourages us and reminds us why following a vegan lifestyle is important for us and for the planet. In our workshops, you can learn how to make homemade cosmetics or to naturally dye your clothes. These are sustainable skills that you can take home with you, along with whatever beautiful creation you made during the session!

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Our Cuisine

We are passionate about our food and are big believers that a vegan diet can be as abundant in taste as in nutrition. We source a wide variety of vegan, organic and seasonal produce from local sellers. Seasonal produce not only reduces the environmental cost of food, but it also promises the most nutrients and the most taste! Couple this with organic farming methods and you have the best food for the least environmental impact. 

Ah. Water. The sustenance of life. The foundation to a healthy diet. We think that  high quality water is just as important as good nutrition for a healthy diet and so, we use an Aquion ActivWater Filter in our camp. This filters and purifies water to remove any contaminants and give you the best taste. It is our favourite way to stay hydrated on those hot summer days full of surfing and yoga.

Drinking filtered water also encourages the use of reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. Did you know around 481.6 billion plastic bottles end up in landfill every single year? If you don’t have one already, our eco-friendly VSC water bottle is one way of reducing your carbon footprint and reducing single use plastic.

Camp – DIY

Our home in the forest is constructed using as many eco-friendly and recovery materials as possible. Whatever pallets and wood from the beach we can find, we use! Then with our best woodwork skills, we create a jungle oasis with pallet couches and bamboo walls.

Surfing – Let’s make our beaches clean again

We love the ocean and don’t want to harm this amazing environment.

Beach Cleanings

As surfers, we feel it is our duty to protect and care for the ocean in any way we can. Surfing has deepened our connection with this magical body of water and has opened our eyes to the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our ocean. We encourage ocean activism in our camp through weekly beach clean ups where you can learn more about ocean pollution and ways to reduce it.

Surf equipment

We partner up with the most eco-friendly and greatest surfboard shapers from the region.

Using eco surf equipment where possible allows us to surf while respecting our values and beliefs. All our wetsuits at the camp are sourced from Picture Organic Clothing who use ecoprene, an eco-friendly alternative to neoprene.

We also partner with local brand, Notox, who produce ecobuilt surfboards in the Basque country. They replace harmful materials with more sustainable alternatives, without impacting the quality of the ride.

Notox – Anglet, France

Kun-tiqi – Balsa Wood boards from Santander, Northern Spain.

We reduce, sort and recycle our waste

As holiday destinations are often big waste producers, we do our best to offer an alternative lifestyle experience.

We reduce the waste we make, sort it and recycle whatever can be.

We partner up with a local organic farmers and bring them our organic wastes for composting.