We Love Yoga

Yoga is a big part of our lives, so we dedicated a 80m2 space to create our beautiful yoga shala. The days at the camp always start with a dynamic class before breakfast for the early risers, and one after breakfast for those who like to sleep in a bit more. We also have afternoon and evening classes which are usually slower practices to unwind, like Yin Yoga or restorative. As huge yoga enthusiasts, we like to have diversity in our week planning with multiple styles for you to discover.  

Are you completely new to yoga or did you only try it once but are keen to discover more? No worries! Our teachers adapt to the global level of the group and craft classes that are accessible to everyone. Our aim is to make you feel the benefits of yoga practice, especially combined with surfing, and how it can really improve your well-being. 

We provide mats and all the props you need to practice, you just need to bring your amazing soul and body and get on the mat. 

The Shala is also available for you to have your own practice outside of the classes, meditate or work out.


You can buy a Yoga Package/Week online or at the camp:

  • 1 lesson 15€
  • 5   lessons 50€
  • 10 lessons 85€
  • ∞ lessons 100€

Be aware that there can be overlaps with other activities or that some lessons or workshops have limited spaces.

Last year Standard schedule.

All lessons are taught in English.