Yoga and Surf Camp

Open from end of May to mid of September

Our Yoga and Surf Camp is the full experience of what we have to offer at the camp. A week spent living in the forest, reconnecting with nature while disconnecting from the demands of life, all the while you eat delicious vegan food and spend time surfing in the ocean- what else could you ask for?

Every week, we welcome guests of all ages and nationalities. Our camp is an environment where families, couples, solo-travelers and groups of friends can all experience a special holiday. We have a range of accommodation styles to suit everybody and a buffet abundant with colorful, nutritious food for you to feast on. With areas dedicated to play for children and kids activities organised during the week, even the little ones are sure to enjoy spending time outdoors immersed in nature. For solo-travelers and young people, we organise group activities that bring people together and create a warm community vibe. It is a time to make new friends and create joyful memories to cherish for a long time.


Our camp is set up under the pine trees on the coast of the Atlantic, in the heart of Les Landes. We are a short 10 minutes’ walk away from the long white sand beach of Moliets plage and we are surrounded by many walking/running tracks- through the forest or along the Courant d’Huchet. The Courant d’Huchet is a nature reserve rich in flora and fauna. The river runs between the pine forest and the sandy dunes, ending its course in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Our camp is found in Camping les Cigales in the small town of Moliets. You can find a few vegan-friendly cafes, little boutiques and enough surf shops to fill your every need. There are also nice bars in town that get pretty groovy in the high season!

Food – Nourish

We’re not going to pretend we’re not obsessed with food, because we are. We believe eating well is not only the foundation of a healthy life, it is a source of so much joy and a way of gathering people. There is something about big outdoor dinner tables after a long day in the water. People chatting, laughing, creating new friendships ; we love this community feel that sharing a meal can create. 

It is so important for us to provide high quality vegan and organic meals, and our menu is crafted with that in mind. We embrace all of the diversity vegan food can offer, and it’s a balance of burgers and salads, fried tempuras and steamed broccolis. Our menu is inspired by international cuisine, but the vegan way; it goes from pasta carbonara, to makis, curry, chili… We love whole foods and use little to no processed food. Everything we serve is made daily with fresh products that we source locally, and our tofu and seitan is homemade by our organisation in le Gers, a few kilometers away from Moliets. We also provide options for gluten intolerance and allergies, as well as special kids friendly food.

We start the day with a buffet of hot beverages, porridge and bread with sweet or salty spreads. You can also prepare your sandwich at breakfast time. Then off to the beach to picnic after your surf session. 

And after a long day of playing in the waves, we all gather for dinner, with a buffet of more numerous options of flavorful dishes. The food is served by our team at the buffet, and you get to eat as much as you please. Yum!

If you crave a snack during the day, we have a selection of cookies, chips, kombucha, lemonade, wine and more in our bar. All vegan and from brands that we’re stoked about, like our Foliz kombucha crafted in Le gers and our Coreff beers brewed in Britanny.  

You‘ll also be able to help yourself to tea and coffee whenever you like at our tea corner where we also have filtered fresh water on tap. 


We have different choices of accommodation available:

  • Mobile-Home
  • Glamping Tents
  • Deluxe Tents
  • Basic Tents

If you want to book a private tent for you alone, you can do it while booking by paying an extra.

All our camp areas are already fully build up and equipped for your arrivals. The tent plots also have nice common areas with electricity to charge your electric devices.

Mobile Home

The Mobile-Home option are fully furnished and cosy.It is the best option for those who want to experience camping with maximum comfort. The Mobile-Homes are suitable for 4 or 6 persons and are rented as entire housing (not per person or per room).

They are fully equipped with:

  • Kitchen Corner (a fridge, a cooktop, a sink, furnished)
  • Double-bed room
  • Single-bed room with two beds
  • Bathroom
  • Toilets
  • Lounge
  • Linen provided (pillows, blankets and sheets, bath towels)
  • Private terrace with an outdoor table

We have limited mobile-homes available, so we advise you to book as soon as possible if you want this option, especially during high season.

Glamping Tent

You are accommodated in spacious and comfortable tents. These are high quality Cabanon tents made in France. We have different types of glamping tents: Our Family Tent, our Couple Tipi tent or our Couple tent. There is a perfect option for everyone. They will be provided with beds, duvets and pillows, electricity, light and storage.

All tent areas dispose of a common area with power plugs in order to charge your electronic devices.

The camping’s sanitaries and showers blocks are close to all tent areas.

Deluxe tent

The Deluxe tent option: fully furnished tent with a wooden bed, bedding and sheets, electricity, storage and light. This option is perfect for those who like to have the camping experience while keeping cosy! You will be sleeping in large and comfortable tents. We provide Quechua Family tents with one or two sleeping compartments. Their surface area is larger than 10m2 and they are 1.90m high.

If you want to book a private tent for you alone, you can do it while booking by paying an extra.

The tent plots are organised around cosy common areas where you can chill and charge your electric devices. 

The camping’s sanitaries and showers blocks are close to all tent areas.


Basic tent

The Basic tent option; a single or double cabin tent with an air mattress. For this option, you have to bring your own sleeping bag, pillows and lights. This option does not include electricity.

If you want to book a private tent for you alone, you can do it while booking by paying an extra.

The tent plots are organised around cosy common areas where you can chill and charge your electric devices.

The camping’s sanitaries and showers blocks are close to all tent areas.


Yoga is a big part of our lives, so we dedicated a 80m2 space to create our beautiful yoga shala. The days at the camp always start with a dynamic class before breakfast for the early risers, and one after breakfast for those who like to sleep in a bit more. We also have afternoon and evening classes which are usually slower practices to unwind, like Yin Yoga or restorative. As huge yoga enthusiasts, we like to have diversity in our yoga planning with multiple styles for you to discover.

Are you completely new to yoga or did you try it once and are keen to discover more? No worries! Our yoga teachers adapt to the global level of the group and craft classes that are accessible to everyone. Our aim is to make you feel the benefits of yoga practice, especially combined with surfing, and how it can really improve your well-being.

We provide yoga mats and all the props you need to practice, you just need to bring your amazing soul and body and get on the mat. The Shala is also available for you to have your own practice outside of the classes, meditate or work out.

You can buy a Yoga Package/Week online or at the camp:

  • 1 lesson 15€
  • 5   lessons 50€
  • 10 lessons 85€
  • ∞ lessons 100€

Be aware that there can be overlaps with other activities or that some lessons or workshops have limited spaces.

Standard yoga schedule.

All lessons are taught in English.


Did you know the ocean is never still? Even in the middle of the Atlantic, there are crazy storms and winds that cause energy to ripple underwater for thousands of kilometres. And what happens when this energy crashes on the sand of our beaches? Waves! It is mind blowing to think about all the elements that come together to create this magic and even more crazy that we have the opportunity to slide on them!

We are located at walking distance from the coast, where we have pretty consistent swell crashing on our beaches. Beach breaks are perfect for beginners, with long white water stretches to make your first steps on the board accessible. They also give us nice waves for those who are ready to ride their first unbroken wave. We adapt to all levels, from those who want to stand up for the first time to those looking to improve their maneuvers on green waves.