The best way to prevent future pandemics like coronavirusStop eating meat and go vegan . Start with your holiday.


Covid-19 | Safety Measures

These measures will be constantly adapted to the Covid-19 situation and legislation

In order to protect yourself as well as others:

  • Wash/disinfect your hands regularly
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve 
  • Use single-use tissue and throw them away
  • Do not shake hands or embrace one another
  • Social distancing: stay min. 1m away from other persons

We have cleaned our camp thoroughly before opening

  • We reorganized our areas, furniture and decoration to enable social distancing
  • All surfaces and textiles have been cleaned and disinfected
  • Plexiglass was installed at the reception and the buffet to avoid any close contact

Tents and Mobile-Homes

  • All our accommodation are no longer to be shared with the exception of families and friends or travel groups
  • All our laundry is washed at min. 60°C
  • A maximum time lapse between the reservations to enable aeration
  • All tent or Mobile-Home areas will have their own chill areas to allow social distancing
  • For the tent accommodation we have to apply an extra charge of 15€/ adult and 5€/ Kid (Babies for free) for the establishment of the safety measures
  •  For the Mobile-Home option the cleaning charges of 50€ becomes mandatory (No more self cleaning allowed)


  • We increased the cleaning frequency and are using special disinfection products
  • All common areas are cleaned several times a day
  • All our laundry is washed at min. 60°C

We have schooled our team to the new safety measures, the new standards are: 

  • The wear of masks in all closed rooms / tents 
  • The wear of gloves while handling food 
  • Keeping a distance of 1m between every team member while working 
  • Avoiding close contact 
  • When symptoms of Corona appear, the strict covid-19 protocol has to be followed

We provide Safety equipment for our team and guests

  • Masks and gloves for our team as many as needed
  • Mask and gloves once a day for guests
  • In every area, entrance or exit there will be disinfection product gloves and bins for disposal 
  • Signalisation for spacing and direction of circulation will be marked on the floor, walls or outside when needed.

Stay with us in an safe environment 

  • We will have the same campground but limit the capacity to 50 % in order to respect social distancing rules and to give every guest enough space to enjoy their holiday. 
  • Stay From Sat to sat / 7 nights 7 days
  • Check In from 16:00
  • Check out before 10:00
  •  Covid 19 rules sheet will be sent to all guests before their arrival and be in every accommodation
  • No visitors allowed in the camp and on the campsite

Activities will be adapted to the new rules

  • Our weekly activities will be adapted to the current situation.
  • Movie night, bring your own chair and sit 2m apart 
  • Bike tour 
  • Hiking 
  • Conferences
  • And many more… 🙂

We will serve you food 

  • Breakfast 9-10:30 am
  • Dinner 7-8:30 pm 
  • The food will be given out by our team members, they will no longer be a self serve buffet. 
  • The food will be behind plexiglass so you can choose your favourites without taking any risks. The team is wearing  masks and gloves while serving you food.
  • When entering the food area masks are mandatory and you need to clean your hands with our disinfectant gel.
  • There will be an entrance and an exit and all people will have to stand 1m away from each other. 
  • The eating tables will be separated by 1m and not more than 8 people are allowed at the same table. The term Social Group is applied in this case. (people that voluntarily accepted to share the same table)


  • Smaller groups more relaxation and better individual teaching 
  • Outdoor Yoga in the woods or in the open Yoga tent 
  • 4m2 for every person 
  • Personal Yoga equipment for the week 
  •  Disinfection of the whole material after the week and lessons

Surf lessons

  • Max 8 people in a group
  • 2 m separation between every student in and outside the water 
  • All activities in the water and staying active
  • No Gathering at the beach 
  • No sharing equipment 
  • The planning will be announced in advanced 
  • All participants will meet at the beach and have to respect social distancing rules at any time 
  • Disinfection of the whole material after the week

COVID-19 Case emergency management

  • Fixed protocol for dealing with suspected cases
  • Designated Camping space to isolate suspicious cases
  • Traceable potential infection chains through fixed groups
  • Nomination of a Covid 19 referent from VEGAN SURF CAMP


Welcome to the Vegan Surf Camp* on the southwest coast of France.

The VSC is an international Surf Camp with travellers from all around the world. Therefore our main language ifor all activities and information given at the camp is english for .

The Vegan Surf Camp welcomes you from the 4th of July to the 19th of September 2020 in Moliets-Plage!

The Vegan Surf Camp is located on the campsite « Les Cigales*** », only 500 meters away from the sumptuous white sand beaches of Moliets-Plage.

Spend unforgettable holidays on the southwest coast of France in our unique vegan-organic surf camp. Our international Staff welcomes you in an eco-friendly, relaxing, and party atmosphere. Come with your family, friends or alone and enjoy summer, surf and sun!

* we do not offer our restoration and activities to people staying outside of our camp.